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Rosanne Cash, Time Traveler


I’m working on a new project that involves contributions from Rosanne Cash.  More on that later.  Meanwhile, my colleague Kate Joyce alerted me to this remarkable interview with Rosanne.  I didn’t know she was raised by a strict Catholic mother and (I knew) southern Baptist father.  Gene Smith was raised similarly, with a converted, severe Catholic mother with southern Baptist heritage and a less pious father.

I appreciate this interview conducted by Krista Tippett.  Toward the end (of the raw interview feed, which you can find at the link above), Rosanne acknowledges Tippett as being at the top of her field.  I agree, based on this sample.  Most interviewers in the arts (and sports and politics) doom everything by including the answer in the question.  As Tippett says, it’s hard for the subject to transcend the question.


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