Brooklyn Jazz Loft Project Book Event – Tuesday, April 20

On Tuesday night April 20 at 7pm at the great independent bookstore in Brooklyn, BookCourt, there will be a Jazz Loft Project book event co-sponsored by the inspiring literary journal based in Brooklyn, A Public Space.

Brigid Hughes’s quarterly, APS, is one of a handful of relatively new or revamped magazines that are inspiring hope in the world of periodical publishing today.  Her latest, the tenth issue is her best, yet.  She’s finding fresh voices.  Sometimes it’s the latest work from a familiar writer – a original piece that isn’t merely an excerpt from a finished book – and other times it’s work by somebody you’ve never heard of.  Three years ago I was an example of the latter, to some degree.  Brigid and her at-large editor Lucy Raven drew a piece out of me for APS, Gene Smith’s Sink, which became the basis for the Jazz Loft Project book’s epilogue.

As for BookCourt, I’ve written in this space here and here about the significance of independent bookstores in the lives of me and my wife Laurie Cochenour.  It’ll be fun and meaningful to have an event in this outstanding store.

-Sam Stephenson

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