JLP Event in Winterville, N.C. Thursday October 28


On Thursday October 28 at 7:30pm I’m giving an audio-visual JLP presentation and book signing at the Coffee Shack in Winterville, N.C. which is next door to Greenville, N.C.  Before that, and probably afterward, Steve Creech & Friends will play.  Steve is a multi-instrumentalist whose band plays regularly in the popular traditional music series at the R.A. Fountain General Store in downtown Fountain, N.C.

I grew up in “little” Washington, N.C.,  about 25 miles east of the Coffee Shack, and my parents still live there.  My two brothers live with their families in Greenville.  So this table-top flat, swampy region is home.  Also of note, 9 miles northwest of the Coffee Shack is Bell Arthur, N.C. and Monk Road, where for most of a century lived Thelonious Monk’s late cousin Gaston Monk and his wife Virginia.  Gaston was a teacher and principal in the local public school system and a local NAACP leader.  He was also a family historian and he shepherded an annual Monk family reunion that drew hundreds each Labor Day weekend.  After Thelonious Monk died in 1982 his wife Nellie began attending Gaston’s reunions.  I have another connection to Gaston and his family that I described here.

I’m grateful to Steve Creech for setting up this event.

-Sam Stephenson

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