Lourdes Delgado and Guillermo Klein in Durham this Week

Thursday night photographer Lourdes Delgado will speak about her large format photographs of jazz musicians in their NYC homes.  The talk is 7pm at the Center for Documentary Studies and in support of the remarkable exhibition of her work at CDS now.  I believe that if somebody had done 65 years ago what Lourdes has done recently, it would be the most important set of jazz photographs that we have today, a record of musicians in their everyday, private spaces and a physical record of NYC at a point in time.  Her work will gain value over time in the same manner.

The next night Lourdes’ husband, the mind-blowing drummer Jeff Ballard, will man the kit for Guillermo Klein Y Los Gauchos in a rare regional visit by this modern legend of a band whose live performances have left people’s jaws dropping for the past decade.  This band is not to be missed, especially given the remarkable fidelity that is being achieved in Duke’s Reynolds Theater these days.  Duke Performances Director Aaron Greenwald and engineer Luc Suer are to be commended for creating what I believe is the best sound for a theater this size (capacity 700, I think) that I’ve heard in the past few years, anywhere.  This year with gigs ranging from acoustic Joe Henry to the Vijay Iyer Iyer to The Bad Plus playing Stravinsky, the sound has been incredible.  To hear Klein Y Los Gauchos in this room should be a once-in-a-long-while opportunity.

-Sam Stephenson

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