David Means on Gene Smith

This morning a writer friend tipped me off on a New Yorker web interview with short story writer David Means who commented on Gene Smith’s Pittsburgh photographs in a long line of other influences from the worlds of art and literature.  The whole interview is intriguing.

My friend also tipped me on Means’ short story, “Tree Line, Kansas, 1934,” from the October 25, 2010 issue of the New Yorker.  I was sent digging through my piles of periodicals to find that issue.  Gene Smith would have been fifteen and living with his family in Wichita in 1934, on weekends driving out to his grandparents’ farm in Severy, KS.  In his Minamata book Smith mentioned that the best bacon he ever had was on that farm, the next best was in Minamata.

I’m heading to Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill this morning to pick up Means’ latest collection.

(Thanks, Rebecca).


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