JLP: “An Entirely Different Animal”


This piece by Bondo Wyszpolski in the new issue of Easy Reader, the alt-weekly of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach, California, is one of the most thoughtful JLP write-ups we’ve seen.  Mention is made of some of the strange, non-jazz elements of JLP and we dig that.  We’ll have to make sure Bondo knows the JLP show will be in San Diego in 2012.

We also dig this whole publication.  Check out the July 4 “Ironman” contest, which includes drinking a 6-pack of beer, and the karaoke taxi cab video on the right hand side of the page.  Of course there’s also the surf report (poor conditions today) and the cartoon above.

I had high hopes for David Milch’s disappointing HBO show, John from Cincinnati, because southern California beach content is endlessly good.  Thomas Pynchon nailed it in his recent novel, Inherent Vice.  (Speaking of Pynchon I wrote about him here two weeks ago).

We love being in the Hermosa Beach news, too, because a lot of the loft regulars (Sonny Clark, Zoot Sims, many others) were once regulars at the Lighthouse club there.  I’ve always thought that club in the 1950s would make a great setting for a fictional TV series.  I once drafted a treatment for a one-hour pilot called The Lighthouse set there in 1955.  You’ve got vintage jazz, surfing and beach parties and Annette Funicello, hey wow real estate developers, Mob activity…pretty much everything.

Finally, Bondo’s article also makes mention of the new Getty Center exhibition which features work by Aileen Mioko Smith and W. Eugene Smith. I wrote about seeing some of that work recently in Williamsburg, VA.  I need to make it out there to see this interesting-looking show that also includes the work of CDS friends Lauren Greenfield and Mary Ellen Mark.

-Sam Stephenson

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