Around the Y

The Y B&W

A few years ago I bought some of Gene Smith’s equipment offered to me by his son, Patrick.  I wrote a piece about it which you can read HERE.  Part of the bundle was Smith’s 4×5 Sinar camera.  I took that camera to Rocky Mount, N.C. in Spring 2007, accompanied by the great platinum palladium photographer, Frank Hunter.  We made a photograph of the railroad tracks about 200 yards from Thelonious Monk’s birthplace, the neighborhood called “Around the Y,” named for the Y-shaped disjunction of tracks at the center of one of the largest rail yards in the Southeast at the time of Monk’s birth.

Frank did all the art work and the results are properly and fully his;  I merely possessed the camera and knew where the locations were.  Tonight he told me he recently made 8 limited edition 30×37 inch prints of this image, using the platinum palladium process on watercolor paper.  He showed me print #1, which sings, and has already sold.  The scan above doesn’t reproduce the bronze-brown textures and tones found in the print.  7 remain.  Frank can be reached directly through his site.


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