Concert and Gig Attire

There’s a minor furor in the blogosphere about the dress that classical pianist Yuja Wang wore at a recent concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  You can link to the pertinent posts from Alex Ross’s blog, The Rest is Noise.  I’m with Alex and Anne on this:  Who cares?  Maybe Yuja can help draw more people under age 60 to classical shows.

The debate made me think of fashions in jazz over the years.  At mid-century a dark suit was the hippest thing you could wear.  Roll out of bed, put on a suit, and go to work.  Dave Frishberg sings about it in his classic homage to the old days “I Want to be a Sideman.”  (I tried to find a link to that tune on youtube but surprisingly couldn’t).  Monk and Overton always wore dark suits at 821 Sixth Avenue, in the wee hours, with nobody around but them, walking around on wood planks dating to 1853.


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