Jazz in NYC Today

HERE is an interesting report on jazz in New York City today by bass player Ronan Guilfoyle from Ireland.  If you don’t feel like reading all of it, scroll down to the part called “New York – Beauty and the Beast.”  His analysis of the jazz scene in America vs. Europe is intriguing.  The abundance of young jazz musicians in New York today provides some hope.  But if there were a way to encourage half of them to move elsewhere and become pivotal on local scenes it could transform things.  Over time they’d make impacts locally, filtering down to younger kids.  Judging from my experience traveling around with the Jazz Loft Project, including Winston-Salem last week, there is a good measure of local appreciation and hunger for good jazz out there.  It’s sure not easy to make a living, but that’s the case with anybody who is compelled to be an artist and creator.


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