Spilling Ourselves

How is the BP oil tragedy related to the Jazz Loft Project?  I’m not sure.  But I felt like we should share this powerful piece by John Sullivan from Paris Review’s revamped website.  John finds a way to evoke Roman Polanski and Buddy Bolden.

I relate to water.  Almost everything I love has something to do with water.  Sitting somewhere and looking at water is paradise for me.  I get depressed if we go a week without rain.  For those of us lucky enough to grow up on the coast – I grew up on the Pamlico River, N.C. and Thelonious Monk’s relatives used to swim next door (there’s a loft connection) – this kind of story slowly pounds you to the core.  We humans are going to progress toward mass extinction sooner or later, aren’t we?  Almost every religious tradition has a Noah’s Ark motif in which things get so bad the only way to make them better is to start over from scratch.

Gene Smith used to say, “We’re becoming the most educated morons in history.”  Amen.


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