“The Rest is Noise” Touring Overton Country, Literally

If you live near San Francisco, Ann Arbor, or Kalamazoo you should go out of your way to attend this event with writer Alex Ross and and musician Ethan Iverson.  It will be poignant for these events to be held in Michigan since Hall Overton was born and raised in apple-farming country near Bangor, MI.  Hall’s surviving brother Harvey taught humanities at Western Michigan in Kalamazoo for several decades.  He now lives in Chicago.  I’ve met Harvey several times and he described a wide-open intellectual scene in the humanities at Western Michigan in which anybody and everything were fair game.  It sounded like a university version of the loft.

Speaking of Overton, the event at NYPL last week, Hall Overton: Out of the Shadows, was wonderful.  Ethan, Carman Moore, Steve Reich, and Joel Sachs were all terrific and Moore and Reich displayed their love and respect for Overton as their mentor.  Former loft resident Sandy Krell (formerly Sandy Stevenson, Jimmy’s wife during the loft years) attended with her husband Tom Krell, and loft veterans Ira Jackson, Janet Lawson, and Lenny Green were there, too.  The event was recorded on video and when we receive a copy we’ll post it on our site.

-Sam Stephenson


  1. rick cox Said,

    April 19, 2010 @ 11:24 am

    that’s so wonderful to hear about hall overton’s
    brother. yes please post the video asap.
    are you planning any jazz loft events in l.a.?
    best, r.c.

  2. admin Said,

    April 19, 2010 @ 12:51 pm

    Thanks for the query. JLP exhibition will be in San Diego May-September 2012. I’d be happy to do an event in L.A. before that if somebody could put it together. The dream would be to throw an event at Largo, with a band, and have Vroman’s sell books and be on Michael Silverblatt’s Book Worm radio show while out there. An event like that would do well in L.A. I bet.