This Website Honored by Communication Arts

We are proud to report that Communication Arts magazine, a major arbiter in the world of media arts, selected this website as its Webpick of the Day yesterday.  We owe this honor to The Splinter Group of Carrboro, N.C.  Splinter’s Steve Balcom and Lane Wurster and their colleagues absolutely killed this site (to borrow an utmost positive term from music parlance)  Plus it was fun to work with them.  Also, mention should be made of Jazz Loft Project Coordinator Lauren Hart who shepherded the site from here and Jazz Loft Project Research Associate and chief audio listener/cataloger Dan Partridge who provided audio content and input at every stage.  Many colleagues at the Center for Documentary Studies helped us turn corners at pivotal moments along the way, too.  Team efforts reaching a pinnacle.

- Sam Stephenson

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  1. Michael Seiwert Said,

    December 30, 2009 @ 4:53 pm

    Very nice and informative site, congrats to you all!

    Hopefully there will be some jazz loft new years eve footage on the site :-)