William Gedney in the Window


A recent New York Times photo blog post brought attention to my former office mate, Margaret Sartor.  While Margaret was working on her Gedney book, What Was True, I was working on Dream Street.  We sat about six feet apart and helped keep each other’s wits about us during those uneasy projects.  In my library those two books are side by side.  Margaret’s husband, Alex Harris, by the way, is the one largely responsible for sending me on the Gene Smith path fifteen years ago this month.  It could have been a cold, rainy day like today.  I was working part-time in Quail Ridge Books, struggling in grad school, wondering what was going on.  Alex, as editor of DoubleTake magazine, gave me a phone call and offered support for me to visit Smith’s archive in Arizona and research his unfinished Pittsburgh project for a piece.  And now look.  Good heavens.  Somebody make it stop.


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