“Gold in that Old Desk”

Two weeks ago I drove down to Winterville, NC for a JLP event at the Coffee Shack.  There I met writer Mark Rutledge who works for the local newspaper in adjacent Greenville, the Daily Reflector, part of the Cox family of news and media outlets.  Mark wrote a good news story on the event.  Then on November 6 he published this thoughtful column about the vast collection of materials left behind by his late father.  He downplays the historical significance of this collection.  But it sounds eminent to me.

-Sam Stephenson

P.S. We scanned the old school clipping (thanks, Mom!) because Cox has a paywall for web access.  If one of their outlets without a paywall syndicates Mark’s column we’ll link it here.  Update:  HERE is the Sarasota (FL) Herald-Tribute link.

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