This website is an outcome of The Jazz Loft Project at the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) at Duke University. The project has been a decade-long collaboration with the W. Eugene Smith Archive at the Center for Creative Photography (CCP) at the University of Arizona, as well as the Heirs of W. Eugene Smith.

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Unless otherwise noted, all photographs on this site are by W. Eugene Smith. Courtesy of the W. Eugene Smith Archive, Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona. © The Heirs of W. Eugene Smith.

Smith’s photographs and tapes from the loft building at 821 Sixth Avenue, New York City, 1957–1965, represented in the Jazz Loft Project, were generously made available by the CCP and the Smith Estate. The CCP collects, preserves, interprets, and makes available materials that are essential to understanding photography and its history. Through its archives, collections, education programs, exhibitions, and publications, the CCP promotes research into and appreciation of the photographic medium. The archives of significant American photographers—including Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan, W. Eugene Smith, Edward Weston, Garry Winogrand, and Louise Dahl-Wolfe—form the core of the collection. The CCP has an integrated program of preservation, access, and education that celebrates the history of photography and its contemporary practice. The CCP was established in 1975 by photographer Ansel Adams and University of Arizona president John P. Schaefer. It is a special collection within the University of Arizona Libraries.