Welcome to Jazz Loft Project

Communication through music has always been a supreme method of delivering our thoughts and feelings. If you are here at Jazz Loft Project to learn and practice this awesome language, feel free to look around. We have the best suggestions for instrument selection and practice tips. Let’s show our heart and passion with music!



Sarah Childress


Sarah, a high school music teacher with 20 years of expertise, started Jazz Loft Project. Because of her enthusiasm for music, a community of musicians has formed here, where they can share their knowledge of musical instruments and practice.

She hopes to share her passion for music with people of all ages, demonstrating how it can be used to express oneself.


Will Buckley


Will Buckley is one of the creators of the Jazz Loft Project. He thinks everybody can pick up an instrument and start playing, whether for fun or as a vocation. The ability to create music is more than just a skill. It’s a language.

That’s why he established the Jazz Loft Project to serve as a resource for people interested in learning to play the guitar, piano, or any other instrument.


Peter Bourne

Our editor-in-chief is Peter Bourne. Both teaching and music are strong interests of his, but his true talent is in putting thoughts into words.

Thanks to him, we can distill complex information into digestible pieces for the general public. We love to have him on the team in our journey to spread knowledge and passion for music.


Nancy Winter


Nancy Winter is responsible for researching information, updating readers’ queries, and new products in the market. She is in charge of designing and writing articles to deliver our knowledge and information about musical instruments. We love to have her on board, as she is an excellent writer and digital content creator.


Breana Maggio

I am thankful for the comfort playing guitar gives me. The Jazz Loft Project has helped me overcome my reluctance to pick up my guitar again after years of neglecting it due to my full-time office job.

Donny Haley

I am forever grateful that I stumbled on the Jazz Loft Project when trying to find an instrument and practice tips to teach my little kids. They are now little pianists playing Let It Go all day long!

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