5 Easy Ways to Keep Subwoofer from Draining Battery

How to Keep Subwoofer From Draining Battery

The subwoofer is an essential part of your sound system but can also cause power-related problems. Knowing how to keep subwoofer from draining battery or energy is useful to it lasts for long. Several possible causes of a subwoofer consuming too much power include having an amp that is too big, device settings causing increased … Read more

How to Install 2 Amps in a Car Diagram

How to Install 2 Amps in a Car Diagram

Enhancing your car’s sound system is one way of improving its audio quality. It gives you a clearer and louder sound while listening to music. Because of this, many owners put multiple amps in their cars. Are you also interested in boosting your car’s sound system? Check out this article because we’ll show you how … Read more

Why is My Amp Not Turning on?

Why Is My Amp Not Turning On

It could be frustrating when you are ready to jam and record your piece, but suddenly, the guitar amp is not working. There are various reasons why this occurs. The problem might stem from a blown fuse, protection mode, faulty wiring connection, a power outage, or other various potential causes. In this article, I will … Read more

Effects Loop vs Front of Amp

effects loop vs front of amp

If you’re just starting out on your guitar or bass journey, getting to know your amplifier is a big part of the deal. One thing that might have you scratching your head is whether you should use an effects loop or connect your pedals straight to the front of the amp. It’s a decision that … Read more

Why Does My Amp Cut Out at High Volume?

why does my amp cut out at high volume

At times, it can be bothersome asking yourself “why does my amp cut out at high volume?” However, I discovered that this is a common issue discussed online. According to a Reddit user, FadeIntoReal, this problem occurs due to the amp drawing excessive current, a defective voice coil, or a leaky output component. John Robson, … Read more

3 Ways to Connect a Guitar Amp to a Computer

How to Connect a Guitar Amp to a Computer

There are many reasons you should consider plugging your guitar amplifier into your computer, and some of these reasons are for recording, editing, playing purposes, and for you to have a flawless sound experience. So, how to connect a guitar amp to a computer? There are multiple ways that you can do this: you can … Read more

What Size Amp Do I Need for 2 10 Inch Subs?

what size amp do i need for 2 10 inch subs

One of the most common questions we hear from audio enthusiasts is, “What size amp do I need for 2 10-inch subs?” Well, it’s time to put this query to rest. Determining the ideal amplifier for your duo subwoofers depends on their total RMS (Root Mean Square) wattage and impedance ratings. To be more specific, … Read more

How to Daisy Chain Guitar Amps? – 3 Easy Ways

how to daisy chain guitar amps

A popular way of creating a massive sound with high quality is to daisy-chain guitar amps. However, if done incorrectly, you may end up damaging the amps or adversely affecting the wound quality. So, how to daisy chain guitar amps? Keep reading to find out the various methods to ensure your riffs sound clean and … Read more

How to Connect a Power Amp to an AV Receiver?

how to connect a power amp to an av receiver

It must be frustrating to hear audio or music not as loud as you want it to be or to watch a movie with disappointing sound quality. The good thing is companies like Sony and Yamaha produced AV receivers that we all need to produce a better volume. This guide on how to connect a … Read more

How to Connect 6 Speakers to a 2 Channel Amp?

how to connect 6 speakers to a 2 channel amp

We mentioned in our previous post that a 2-channel amp should only handle up to 4 speakers. However, did you know that it can power 6 speakers at the same time? Yes, you heard right! Six speakers, one amp, and an extraordinary sound experience that transcends expectations. But, only if you do it carefully. Improper … Read more